Shift Your Focus From Search Engine To Customers

Google - Search Engine

Google is the first thing that comes to mind, when somebody wants to search for anything, online. Google is the search engine giant. And for the same reason, all the online enterprises that are serious about garnering the attention of their targeted audience through it should always be ready to abide by the rules and policies of Google.

Difficulty Getting Along With Search Engine?

The constantly changing Google algorithms have made things quite difficult for many businesses that managed to rank high through different online malpractices, before. However, Google is not going to entertain the spammers anymore. So, what to do? Well. You have no choice than forgetting Google, for everything.

And, you would probably say (in surprise), “What, forget Google?”

Yes (but read along to know, what we really meant by saying so). As a business owner, if you want to drive traffic and engage customers better, then, stop thinking at all about your search engine position and ranking on search engines.

Forget Search Engine

Forget completely about Google and other search engines. Instead, think only about your customers and the targeted market segment.

If you used to create content keeping ONLY the search engines (read: Google) in mind, before, then stop doing that any further. Rather begin addressing the concerns of people ‘genuinely’ through your business website, blog pages, and other social media channels.

Trust us, things would automatically fall into places, when you start paying attention to the needs, wants and concerns of people, and make real efforts helping them out with different situations.

Shift Focus From Search Engine To Customers

As an online business entity, your goal should not be to promote your brand, product or a service every time, but you should better focus on creating trust, establishing relationships with people and expanding your network. This would help your business in the long run.

Customers look for authoritative figures (people and/or businesses) that could help and guide them through different situations and that could be anything related to decisions about a product, service, brand or anything else. Thus, in order to engage people, you should concentrate more on creating and delivering quality and informative content through your website and other online channels. You should try to build rapport with people going direct and personal, understand them better and address their needs in a compassionate manner.

This way, you would automatically gain market exposure and things would start working in the favor of your business, without much effort and pain. So, stop fretting about your search engine positions and be genuinely concerned about people.


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