Website Design – Simple Or Beautiful? What Are You After?

Simple Is Beautiful. Go For Simple & Elegant Website Design

A visually appealing website design can captivate the attention of people and help in driving business traffic; however, ‘mere’ good looks can never help online enterprises to have better leads and/or higher website conversions rates.

Most of the businesses often complain, “we have aesthetically designed the website, with good traffic, but still our conversion rates are very low.” Well. It is like, most of the online enterprises focus merely on beautiful website graphics and overlook other important aspects. They feel, a beautiful and pleasant website would help them sell better and their prospects would be ‘attracted’ to them, always. That is a misconception.

Good looks definitely sell, but good looks ONLY can never help any business in the web world. So, what all things should matter these businesses, than just the word – ‘beautiful’? Let us see.

Following are a few of the website design tips (targeted exclusively to the newbies in the web-world), that would help businesses ‘fine tune’ their website for better and improved traffic and increased conversion rates. Come along to have a quick look, on very few points.

Simple And Elegant Website Design

‘Simple’ is beautiful and good. Rather focusing only on ‘beautiful and pleasant-looking websites’, the businesses should try to keep their website simple and elegant. Please note, website design trends have changed over the years. Flash and animations do not sell much, like before. These are not in the trend and you should try to avoid all bizarre methods and techniques for website designing and development. You should better think of a clean website layout and design.

Interactive Website Navigation Bar

In order to improve website user experience, try to have an effective website navigation. Ensure, the visitors (prospective customers) are able to find relevant information on your website with a few clicks. Time is precious and with ‘hundreds and thousands’ of websites around with similar information, nobody will care to wait or have enough patience if your website has a poor navigation. People are hungry for information. Give them what they need, instantly. Have an interactive website navigation bar.

Responsive Website Design

With everyone using a mobile phone (hand-held device) to browse the Internet, you should not overlook the importance of getting a responsive website design, for your business. If you have optimized your website only for desktops (personal computers), then it is high time you thought about creating a mobile-friendly website. A responsive website compatible with different browsers, operating systems, and devices would help you expand the business reach and in targeting customers, better.

Website Call To Action

A clear ‘call to action’ button is very important, for improving website conversion rate. Ensure, your prospects are able to contact you in a fast and convenient matter and/or make necessary action on the website.

Your ultimate goal should be to encourage the prospects to act immediately on your website and that is possible only with well designed ‘call to action’ buttons. The images/icons, font sizes, colors, languages used for the ‘call-to-action’ buttons should complement your website in every manner. Using negative spaces effectively is also very important, here.

Hence, never complicate things ‘any day’ for your prospective customers and go ahead getting a SIMPLE and ELEGANT website designed, for your business.

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